Chinese Meditation Therapy Baoding Balls

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China during the 1300’s Ming Dynasty. They were created as a kind of meditation and relaxation tool that targets the acupressure points on the hands. The original Baoding balls were crafted from solid iron, Baoding Ball Benefits.

  • ➤1. Reduces High Blood Pressure
  • Baoding balls also aid in blood flow by targetting acupressure points on the palm. Using them regularly will reduce high blood pressure.
  • ➤2. Calmer and More Focused Feeling
  • These balls were intended to aid in the meditation process. As you rotate the balls from the palm of your hand, you are prolonging your attention span. You are also going to feel much calmer at the same time.
  • ➤3. Increased Energy Levels
  • The Chinese believe in the concept of Qi, a life force that is present all around us. The Qi levels slowly go back to a balanced state when using Baoding balls. It is certainly helpful to use them at the end of a long day.
  • ➤4. Exercises the Wrist
  • When was the last time you worked out your wrists? We use our wrist every day. We use them at work to create documents or carry heavy objects. Interestingly, 28.6% of all reported injuries involve the wrist. Baoding balls are a good way to develop a habit of regularly exercising the wrists

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