Collagen Deep Cleaning Snail Face Serum

Price RS.799/-
SKU: SDS4354545



The snail full effect stock solution is an extract extracted from the snail mucus, and the surface of the skin is continuously smooth and translucent. stimulate new life, repair damaged skin, Protects sensitive skin and strengthens skin protection screen. Because the ability of the stratum corneum to maintain moisture is reduced,

  • ➤ Repair Anti aging skin, smooth fine lines, young and intense skin
  • ➤ Firming and Lifting facial cream for more youthful
  • ➤ Strengthen skin ability to resist dull, fine lines, pigmentation and other aging problems
  • ➤ stimulate new life, repair damaged skin
  • ➤ Collagen, Snail and Multi Vitamin giving you firmer contours with a Smoother, Wrinkle Free appearance

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