BIOAQUA Acne Serum Face Care Removal Of Acne Scar (30ml)

Price RS.1200 RS.799/-
SKU: DSDDF677676



Effectively Regulate And Balance The Facial Oil/Grease Secretion, Shrink Pores, Improve Skin Elasticity. Mild Non-Irritating Formula That Can Clear Blocked Pores And Dissolving Dirt And Grease. It Heals Acne And Pimples Without Leaving Scars. Mild non-irritating formula that can clear blocked pores, dissolving dirt and grease, replenish nutrition moisture, regulate PH value, effectively safeguarding injured skin, remove acne, pimples and acne, reduce scar, balance oil secretion, and the removal of pock, acne, make skin healthy glow tender

  • ➤ Clear blocked pores
  • ➤ * Remove acne, Regulate PH value
  • ➤ Dissolving dirt and grease
  • ➤ Replenish nutrition moisture
  • ➤ Effectively safeguarding injured skin
  • ➤ Balance oil secretion

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