Wellice Onion Anti Hair Loss Shampoo

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SKU: DR45454



Wellice Oninon Shampoo is very beneficial to promote hair growth in a natural way & prevents hair loss as well clears the scalp and makes it dandruff free. Onion Shampoo is also the best remedy for respiratory ailments and provides relief from coughs, sinuses & phlegm. Onion Shampoo is a great source of vitamins such as A, B & C. It uses for troubling with glandular imbalance as well curing cold and infections.

  • ➤ Follicles and restores damaged hair structure
  • ➤ Onion Shampoo uses for troubling with glandular imbalances
  • ➤ Onion Shampoo uses as blood cleaner & protects from acne & Arthritis
  • ➤ Onion Shampoo controls blood sugar & protect against allergies
  • ➤ Onion Shampoo builds a stronger immunity
  • ➤ Onion Shampoo is great source of vitamins such as A, B, & C etc.
  • ➤ Included in the natural extracts provide additional power
  • ➤ Onion Shampoo provides gentle cleansing without disturbing the natural balance
  • ➤ Onion Shampoo

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